Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Bjbp Jóms 42I/7 — gat ‘managed’

Ok með fjǫrnis fálu
fór Þorketill leira,
þá er menbroti mælti
mansǫng of Gná hringa.
Gerðisk hann at hǫggva
hauklyndan son Áka;
Vagn gat heldr at hánum
heiptǫrr vegit fyrri.

Ok Þorketill leira fór með fálu fjǫrnis, þá er menbroti mælti mansǫng of Gná hringa. Hann gerðisk at hǫggva hauklyndan son Áka; heiptǫrr Vagn gat heldr vegit at hánum fyrri.

And Þorkell leira (‘Clay’) advanced with the giantess of the helmet [AXE], when the neck-ring-breaker [GENEROUS MAN = Vagn] spoke a love-song about the Gná <goddess> of rings [WOMAN = Ingibjǫrg]. He [Þorkell] made to strike the hawk-tempered son of Áki [= Vagn]; strife-keen Vagn managed instead to slay him first.



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