Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Bjbp Jóms 38I/6 — ǫðlings ‘The prince’s’

Skeið, frák, valt at verði
Vagn með sína þegna;
ǫll váru þá þeira
þunn skip hroðin ǫnnur.
Upp náðu þar eigi
ǫðlings menn at ganga;
ofan réðu þeir ǫfga
Eireks vini keyra.

Frák, at Vagn verði skeið valt með þegna sína; ǫll ǫnnur þunn skip þeira váru þá hroðin. Menn ǫðlings náðu eigi at ganga upp þar; þeir réðu keyra ǫfga vini Eireks ofan.

I have heard that Vagn defended the warship continuously with his men; all their other narrow ships were then cleared. The prince’s [Eiríkr jarl’s] men could not board there; they [the Jómsvíkingar] managed to drive back the friends of Eiríkr from above.


[6] ǫðlings: þengils all others


[6] ǫðlings ‘the prince’s [Eiríkr jarl’s]’: The ÓT variant þengils ‘prince’s’ is more or less synonymous. Þengils alliterates with the ÓT reading þeygi, while ǫðlings alliterates with the R reading eigi.



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