Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Bjbp Jóms 35I/2 — sundi ‘the sound’

Ein drepr fyr mér allri
— andat fólk at sundi
straumr dró út of eyjar —
ítrmanns kona teiti.
Góð ætt of kemr grimmu
— gífrs hesta brá fǫstu
gnýmiklandi geira —
gœðings at mér stríði.

Ein kona ítrmanns drepr allri teiti fyr mér; straumr dró andat fólk út of eyjar at sundi. Góð ætt gœðings of kemr grimmu stríði at mér; geira gnýmiklandi brá fǫstu hesta gífrs.

A certain nobleman’s wife kills all joy for me; the current dragged the dead troop out past the islands to the sound. The good kinswoman of a chieftain brings cruel torment upon me; the increaser of the din of spears [(lit. ‘din-increaser of spears’) BATTLE > WARRIOR] ended the fast of the horses of the troll-woman [WOLVES].



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