Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Bjbp Jóms 33I/2 — jarli ‘jarl’

Þar var þǫrfum meiri
þrekfǫrluðum jarli
(braut, hykk, hann at heldi)
hugraun (flota sínum).
Snara bað segl við húna
Sigvaldi í byr kǫldum;
gnúði hǫrð á hlýrum
hríð; fell byrr í váðir.

Þar var þrekfǫrluðum jarli þǫrfum meiri hugraun; hykk, at hann heldi flota sínum braut. Sigvaldi bað snara segl við húna í kǫldum byr; hǫrð hríð gnúði á hlýrum; byrr fell í váðir.

There for the strength-failing jarl it was a trial of courage greater than needed; I think that he directed his fleet away. Sigvaldi bade the sails be quickly hoisted to the mast-tops in the cold wind; the harsh storm roared against the bows; the wind blew on the sails.


[2] þrekfǫrluðum jarli ‘for the strength-failing jarl’: Sigvaldi, as is made clear in l. 6. The second element of this hap. leg. is the p. p. of fǫrla ‘grow weak, fail’ (CVC: förla); cf. Máni Lv 5/3III kraptr þinn fǫrlask ‘your strength is waning’. The variant þreklynduðum ‘strong-’ or ‘courageous-minded’ does not provide skothending, and R’s reading is the lectio difficilior and more precisely apt in context.



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