Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eskál Vell 14I/3 — herjuð ‘the harried’

Ǫll lét senn inn svinni
sǫnn Einriða mǫnnum
herjum kunn of herjuð
hofs lǫnd ok vé banda,
áðr veg jǫtna vitni
valfalls of sæ allan
— þeim stýra goð — geira
garðs Hlórriði farði.

Inn svinni lét senn ǫll of herjuð lǫnd hofs Einriða ok vé banda, kunn herjum, sǫnn mǫnnum, áðr Hlórriði garðs geira farði veg jǫtna vitni valfalls of allan sæ; goð stýra þeim.

The wise one soon made all the harried lands of the temple of Einriði <= Þórr> and the sanctuaries of the gods, famous among the peoples, lawful for men, before the Hlórriði <= Þórr> of the fence of spears [SHIELD > WARRIOR = Hákon jarl] ferried evidence of slaughter to the path of the giants [MOUNTAINS = Norway?] across all the sea; the gods guide him.


[3] herjuð: ‘heruð’ FskAˣ


[3] of herjuð ‘harried’: During his reign, Haraldr gráfeldr had the heathen temples burned down, perhaps less out of Christian zeal than in order to break the political opposition, cf. Eskál Hákdr 1/3, 4.



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