Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Bjbp Jóms 22I/4 — saman ‘together’

Lǫgðu heiptar hvattir
herðimenn, þar er bǫrðusk,
— herr var hauðr at verja
hundmargrsaman randir.
Ok víkingi váru
— varð raun at því — einum
— þat kveða eigi aukit
ýtar fimm at móti.

Herðimenn hvattir heiptar lǫgðu randir saman, þar er bǫrðusk; hundmargr herr var at verja hauðr. Ok fimm ýtar váru at móti einum víkingi; raun varð at því; kveða þat eigi aukit.

Brave men, urged into combat, laid shields together where they fought; there was an immense army to defend the land. And five men were against one viking; there was proof of that; they say that is not exaggerated.


[4] saman randir: ‘[…]’ R, ‘þvi þra saman n’ 65ˣ, ‘(saman) ra(n)dir’(?) RCP, ‘sam(an) randir’(?) RFJ



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