Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eskál Vell 8I/3 — af ‘by’

Mart varð él, áðr, Ála,
austr lǫnd at mun banda
randar lauks af ríki,
rœkilundr of tœki.

Mart él Ála varð, áðr rœkilundr lauks randar of tœki lǫnd austr af ríki at mun banda.

Many a storm of Áli <sea-king> [BATTLE] came about before the tending-tree of the leek of the shield [SWORD > WARRIOR] took the lands in the east by force at the will of the gods.


[3] af ríki ‘by force’: The phrase could be construed with the main clause, but placing it in the subordinate clause, as here, gives good sense and the simplest word order (so also Vell 1865, 18; NN §396; ÍF 26; Hkr 1991).



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