Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Bjbp Jóms 18I/6 — skǫmmu ‘a short’

Þá buðu þeir á móti
þeim, er sunnan kómu,
til geirhríðar greppum
gǫrla, Nóregs jarlar.
Þar var mestr á méli
(morðremmandi) skǫmmu
(margr var at Laufa leiki)
landherr saman fundinn.

Þá buðu þeir jarlar Nóregs gǫrla greppum til geirhríðar á móti þeim, er kómu sunnan. Mestr landherr var fundinn saman þar á skǫmmu méli; margr morðremmandi var at leiki Laufa.

Then those jarls of Norway forcefully bade [their] men to the spear-storm [BATTLE] against those who came from the south. The greatest force from the land was brought together there in a short time; many a battle-strengthener [WARRIOR] was at the play of Laufi <legendary sword> [BATTLE].



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