Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Bjbp Jóms 13I/6 — gunni ‘the battle’

Búi lézk barr at fylgja
bǫðmildum Sigvalda
til hjǫrþrymu harðrar
hugprúðr vera síðan.
Hafa kvazk Hávarð vilja
hranna brjótr at gunni;
sér kvað hann eigi illa
Áslák í fǫr líka.

Síðan lézk hugprúðr Búi vera barr at fylgja bǫðmildum Sigvalda til harðrar hjǫrþrymu. Brjótr hranna kvazk hafa vilja Hávarð at gunni; hann kvað Áslák líka sér eigi illa í fǫr.

Courageous Búi then said he was ready to follow battle-liberal Sigvaldi into hard sword-thunder [BATTLE]. The breaker of waves [SEAFARER = Búi] said he wanted to have Hávarðr for the battle; he said Áslákr was not unpleasing to him on the journey.


[7] hann kvað ‘he said’: Hann is extrametrical. It is possible that it should be removed by normalisation, as is often the case in ms. texts of earlier poetry, but since the metre of Jóms is frequently irregular it is retained here.



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