Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Bjbp Jóms 2I/8 — vífa ‘of women’

Hendir enn sem aðra
óteitan mik sútar;
mér hefr harm á hendi
handgr kona bundit.
Þó emk óð at auka
œrit gjarn at hváru;
mjǫk emk at mér orðinn
ógæfr of fǫr vífa.

Óteitan sútar hendir mik enn sem aðra; handgr kona hefr bundit harm á hendi mér. Þó emk at hváru œrit gjarn at auka óð; emk orðinn mjǫk ógæfr at mér of fǫr vífa.

The joylessness of grief grips me still, as others; a woman with beautiful hands has bound sorrow to me. Yet I am nonetheless sufficiently eager to increase poetry; I myself have become very unlucky regarding the ways of women.



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