Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Bjbp Jóms 8I/3 — gat ‘was able’

Geta skal hins, hverr hvatra
hǫfðingi var drengja;
gat sigri at hrósa
snjallastr at gǫrvǫllu.
Hverr var hóti minni
hreystimaðr at flestu
heldr í herðiraunum
hauklyndum syni Áka.

Geta skal hins, hverr var hǫfðingi hvatra drengja; sá, snjallastr at gǫrvǫllu, gat at hrósa sigri. Hverr hreystimaðr var heldr hóti minni at flestu í herðiraunum hauklyndum syni Áka.

Mention shall be made of this, who was the leader of the valiant warriors; he, boldest in everything, was able to boast of victory. Every courageous man was greatly inferior in most ways in tough trials to the hawk-tempered son of Áki [= Vagn].



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