Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Bjbp Jóms 6I/5 — telja ‘recount’

… vér sitja
(seima Guðr) at Jómi
(fǫgr rænir mik flaumi)
fimm hǫfðingja snemma.
Vel samir víst at telja
vinnur hreystimanna;
þar er of málmþings meiða
merkiliga at yrkja.

… vér … fimm hǫfðingja sitja snemma at Jómi; fǫgr Guðr seima rænir mik flaumi. Víst samir vel at telja vinnur hreystimanna; þar er at yrkja of merkiliga meiða málmþings.

We [I] … five chieftains once sat at Jómsborg; the beautiful Guðr <valkyrie> of gold [WOMAN] robs me of happiness. Certainly it is very fitting to recount the deeds of courageous men; in this case it is a matter of composing about notable poles of the weapon-assembly [BATTLE > WARRIORS].



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