Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Tindr Hákdr 10I/7 — skeiðr ‘the warships’

Þás fyr borð á barða
* bǫðvar fangs at ganga
veðrmagnanda Viðris
virðendr Búa kenndu.
Mikinn gerði herr hjǫrva
hljóm*; runnu þá sunnan
bauga skeiðr at breiðu
Baldrs Hôkunar valdi.

Þás virðendr fangs * bǫðvar á barða kenndu Viðris veðrmagnanda, Búa, at ganga fyr borð. Herr gerði mikinn hljóm* hjǫrva; skeiðr Baldrs bauga runnu þá sunnan at breiðu valdi Hôkunar.

When the guardians of the tunic of battle [MAIL-SHIRT > WARRIORS] on the ship taught the strengthener of the storm of Viðrir <= Óðinn> [(lit. ‘storm-strengthener of Viðrir’) BATTLE > WARRIOR], Búi, to go overboard. The army made a great tumult of swords [BATTLE]; the warships of the Baldr <god> of rings [MAN] then ran from the south towards the wide domain of Hákon.


[7] skeiðr: skerðr 510


[7] skeiðr ‘warships’: The minimal emendation from ms. skerð- to skeið- was proposed by Sveinbjörn Egilsson (Fms 12; SHI 11) and adopted by subsequent eds. Sveinbjörn read disyllabic skeiðir, and accordingly emended bauga to baugs.



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