Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Tindr Hákdr 7I/1 — jarl ‘The jarl’

Saddi jarl, þars odda
ofþing saman gingu,
(vann Hanga vals hungri)
hrafna (byrgis nafni).
Morðskýja* varð mávi
Mistar gótt til vista
heiðins dóms at háða
hríð v markar síðu.

Jarl saddi hrafna, þars ofþing odda gingu saman; nafni byrgis vann hungri vals Hanga. Varð gótt til vista mávi Mistar v síðu markar heiðins dóms at háða hríð morðskýja*.

The jarl sated the ravens, where the mighty assemblies of barbs [BATTLES] came together; the namesake of the protector [= Hákon] overcame the hunger of the falcon of Hangi <= Óðinn> [RAVEN]. It became good for provisions for the seagull of Mist <valkyrie> [RAVEN/EAGLE] by the coast of the forest of heathendom [NORWAY] after the storm of killing-clouds [SHIELDS > BATTLE] [was] waged.



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