Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eskál Vell 3I/2 — hagna ‘are successful’

Eisar vágr fyr vísa
(verk) Rǫgnis (mér hagna);
þýtr Óðrœris alda
ǫldrhafs við fles galdra.

Vágr Rǫgnis eisar fyr vísa; verk mér hagna; alda ǫldrhafs Óðrœris þýtr við fles galdra.

The wave of Rǫgnir <= Óðinn> [POEM] roars before the ruler; the works are successful for me; the wave of the ale-sea of Óðrœrir <mythical vat> [POEM] booms against the skerry of incantations [TEETH].


[2] hagna: hǫgna all


[2] hagna ‘are successful’: All mss give ǫ as this word’s root vowel, which is explained as an attempt on the part of the scribes to create the aðalhending required in this line (Finnur Jónsson 1924a, 325). However, it was still possible in Einarr’s day to conjoin a and ǫ in an aðalhending (Kuhn 1983, 79).



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