Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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HSt Rst 32I/2 — hvar ‘Where would’

Hringskóðs herðimeiðar
hvar viti, þann es anni,
eldvellds annan stilli,
óð*ríkr frama slíkum,
gunnelds geymirunnum
(gǫndlar fýst*) sem lýstak
(hirð vas hans at morði
hrygg) arfþega Tryggva.

Hvar viti herðimeiðar eldvellds hringskóðs annan stilli, þann es óð*ríkr anni slíkum frama, sem lýstak geymirunnum gunnelds arfþega Tryggva; hirð fýst* gǫndlar vas hrygg at morði hans.

Where would hardening trees of the fire-forged mail-shirt-harmer [SWORD > WARRIORS] know of any other ruler, who, very mighty, is able to perform such splendid deeds as I have described to the keeping trees of the battle-fire [SWORD > WARRIORS] concerning the heir of Tryggvi [= Óláfr]; the retinue eager for battle was desolate at his killing.



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