Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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HSt Rst 30I/7 — sjónfagr ‘the beautiful’

Spell vann (sparðit stillir)
spjótrunns (skaða bótir)
meingarðr margra jarða
mikit dýrligri skikkju.
Goðvefr gerðisk jǫfri
grôn ok skinn á hônum
sjónfagr svipstund eina
síðan jafn eða fríðri.

Meingarðr margra jarða vann mikit spell dýrligri skikkju spjótrunns; stillir sparðit bótir skaða. Síðan gerðisk jǫfri sjónfagr goðvefr ok grôn skinn á hônum jafn eða fríðri eina svipstund.

The harmful enclosure of many lands [SEA] did great harm to the splendid cloak of the spear-tree [WARRIOR = Þorkell]; the ruler did not hold back from remedying the damage. After that the beautiful precious cloth and the grey fur on it became for the ruler the same or even finer in a single moment.


[7] sjónfagr: so all others, senn á Bb(112rb)


[7] sjónfagr svipstund eina ‘beautiful ... a single moment’: This, the reading of the ÓT mss, gives good sense and metre. Sjónfagr is lit. ‘appearance-beautiful’. For the use of acc. sg. eina stund ‘in a single moment’ as an adverbial of time, cf. NS §98. The line in Bb(112rb), senn á svipstund einni ‘at once ... in a single moment’, gives good sense and is identical to ÞjóðA Sex 17/3II, but it is less satisfactory since it is not skjálfhent or tvískelft (see Introduction).



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