Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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HSt Rst 25I/2 — telk ‘I tell’

Tvær senn — tiggja vinnur
telk þær —, es veitk færi
gnýlinns Gǫndlar runna,
gramr íþróttir framði.
Hyr-Baldr hvítra skjalda
handsǫxum lék vandla
fleinrjóðr flestra dáða
frár ok gekk at ôrum.

Gramr framði tvær íþróttir senn, es veitk færi Gǫndlar gnýlinns runna; telk þær vinnur tiggja. Hvítra skjalda hyr-Baldr, fleinrjóðr, frár flestra dáða, lék vandla handsǫxum ok gekk at ôrum.

The prince performed two feats at the same time, which I know few trees of the snake of the din of Gǫndul <valkyrie> [(lit. ‘trees of the din-snake of Gǫndul’) BATTLE > SWORD > WARRIORS] [have performed]; I tell of those achievements of the ruler. The Baldr <god> of the fire of white shields [(lit. ‘fire-Baldr of white shields’) SWORD > WARRIOR = Óláfr], the spear-reddener [WARRIOR], swift in most deeds, juggled skilfully with short-swords and walked across the oars.



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