Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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HSt Rst 24I/3 — harða ‘the very’

Hjǫr*fl*óðs hnykkimeiðum
hérs of slœm at dœma
hnigreyrs harða starran;
hefk þar lokit stefjum.
Íðvands aðrar dáðir
ek fýsumk nú lýsa
gnýbjóðs geysitíðar
geira hóti fleiri.

Hérs hnykkimeiðum hnigreyrs hjǫr*fl*óðs at dœma of harða starran slœm; hefk þar lokit stefjum. Ek fýsumk nú lýsa hóti fleiri aðrar geysitíðar dáðir íðvands geira gnýbjóðs.

Now it is for the snatching trees of the descending reed of the sword-flood [BLOOD > SWORD > WARRIORS] to judge the very stiff slœmr; I have concluded the refrains there. I am now eager to describe a great deal more the other much talked-about deeds of the carefully-acting inviter of the din of spears [(lit. ‘din-inviter of spears’) BATTLE > WARRIOR].



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