Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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HSt Rst 20I/6 — dǫglingum ‘princes’

Myrkt hregg mækis eggja
meinilla gekk Sveini;
drótt hné dreyra þrútin;
Danir skunduðu undan.
Tandr beit — tiggi renndi
tveim dǫglingum — Skǫglar;
hans vǫrn hœfðisk firnum.
Hollr ok fremstr at ǫllu.

Myrkt hregg eggja mækis gekk meinilla Sveini; drótt hné þrútin dreyra; Danir skunduðu undan. Tandr Skǫglar beit; tiggi renndi tveim dǫglingum; vǫrn hans hœfðisk firnum. Hollr ok fremstr at ǫllu …

The dark storm of blades of swords [BATTLE] went very badly for Sveinn; the troop fell, swollen with blood; the Danes hurried away. The flame of Skǫgul <valkyrie> [SWORD] bit; the ruler [Óláfr] made two princes flee; his defence was exceptionally fitting. Faithful and foremost in all things …


[6] dǫglingum: so all others, dǫgling Bb(112ra)


[6] tveim dǫglingum ‘two princes’: Presumably this summarises the successful actions against the Swedes under Óláfr Eiríksson and the Danes under Sveinn tjúguskegg; cf. þriðja sinni ‘for the third time’ when Eiríkr jarl enters the battle in st. 21/3.



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