Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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HSt Rst 18I/7 — hirð ‘the retinue’

Ǫrbragðs ærir lǫgðu
annat sinn at Linna
— grimmt varð Gǫndlar borða
gnaust — sextigum flausta.
Danskr herr dýran harra,
drótt hné mǫrg, þars sótti;
hirð fell; hrafnar gullu.
Hann vas ríkstr konungmanna.

Ærir ǫrbragðs lǫgðu annat sinn at Linna sextigum flausta; gnaust borða Gǫndlar varð grimmt. Mǫrg drótt hné, þars danskr herr sótti dýran harra; hirð fell; hrafnar gullu. Hann vas ríkstr konungmanna …

The messengers of the arrow-flight [WARRIORS] attacked Linni (‘Serpent’) a second time with sixty ships; the noise of the planks of Gǫndul <valkyrie> [SHIELDS > BATTLE] became fierce. Many a troop fell, where the Danish army attacked the precious ruler; the retinue fell; ravens shrieked. He was the mightiest of royal men …


[7] hirð: hríð 54, Bb(99va)



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