Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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HSt Rst 8I/2 — dróttir* ‘troops’

Haukjóðs harða víða
(hôtt) norrœnar dróttir*
(Þundregns þeim of vandak)
þengils á bý gengu.
Óráð illri þjóðu
Óláfr of galt dála;
vígrunnr velja kunni
víkingum hlut slíkan.

Norrœnar dróttir* gengu harða víða á bý haukjóðs þengils; of vandak þeim hôtt Þundregns. Óláfr of galt dála illri þjóðu óráð; vígrunnr kunni velja víkingum slíkan hlut.

Norwegian troops placed themselves very widely in the homestead of the hawk-offspring [HAWK > HAND] of the ruler; I fashion for him the metre of Þundr’s <= Óðinn’s> rain [POETRY]. Óláfr thoroughly paid evil people for their misdeeds; the battle-tree [WARRIOR] was able to deal vikings such a fate.


[2] dróttir*: ‘drottirir’ Bb


[2] dróttir* ‘troops’: The ms. has a trivial error here: the scribe wrote <ir> both in full and as a superscript abbreviation. The exact implication of dróttir is uncertain here, since it was the people of Norway rather than Hákon’s army who submitted to Óláfr.



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