Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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HSt Rst 7I/8 — jarl ‘and the jarl’

Frónb*ands fœriǫndrum
fríðr til Nóregs síðan
sker-Baldr Skǫglar elda
skjaldbúnum lét haldit.
Heiðinn heiman flýði
hildingr, né þar vildi,
áðr, enn Óláfs bíða
jarl, af sínu hjarli.

Síðan lét fríðr Skǫglar elda sker-Baldr haldit skjaldbúnum fœriǫndrum frónb*ands til Nóregs. Heiðinn hildingr flýði áðr heiman af hjarli sínu, né vildi jarl enn bíða Óláfs þar.

Then the handsome Baldr <god> of the skerry of the fires of Skǫgul <valkyrie> [(lit. ‘skerry-Baldr of the fires of Skǫgul’) SWORDS > SHIELDS > WARRIOR = Óláfr] steered the shield-adorned travelling skis of the land-bond [SEA > SHIPS] to Norway. The heathen ruler had already fled away from his territory, and the jarl did not wish to wait any longer for Óláfr there.


[8] jarl ‘the jarl’: Kock (NN §1171) prefers to take this in apposition to hildingr ‘ruler’ (l. 6).



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