Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Víkv 13I/8 — jarl ‘the jarl’

Þrettanda vann Þrœnda
— þat vas flótta bǫl — dróttinn
snjallr í Seljupollum
sunnarla styr kunnan.
Upp lét gramr í gamla
Gunnvaldsborg of morgin
— Geirfiðr hét sá — gǫrva
gengit, jarl of fenginn.

Snjallr dróttinn Þrœnda vann þrettanda kunnan styr sunnarla í Seljupollum; þat vas bǫl flótta. Gramr lét gǫrva gengit upp í gamla Gunnvaldsborg of morgin, jarl of fenginn; Geirfiðr hét sá.

The brave lord of the Þrœndir [NORWEGIAN KING = Óláfr] won the thirteenth renowned battle south in Seljupollar; that was bad luck to those who fled. The prince had the whole troop go up to old Gunnvaldsborg in the morning, [and had] the jarl captured; he was called Geirfiðr.


[8] jarl of fenginn ‘[and had] the jarl captured’: Fenginn ‘captured’ is parallel with gengit, lit. ‘gone’ and both depend on lét ‘had’. Of is the expletive particle, and a conj. ‘and’ is understood. Some mss read ok ‘and’ in place of of, and this reading is adopted in Skj B, but as it is confined to ÓH mss of the C class it seems to be a secondary ‘improvement’.



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