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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Víkv 10I/5 — Hóli ‘Hóll’

Tøgr vas fullr í fǫgrum
folkveggs drífahreggi
(helt, sem hilmir mælti,)
Hringsfirði (lið þingat).
Ból lét hann á Hóli
hôtt — víkingar ôttu —
— þeir bôðut sér síðan
slíks skotnaðar — brotna.

Tøgr vas fullr drífahreggi folkveggs í fǫgrum Hringsfirði; lið helt þingat, sem hilmir mælti. Hann lét hôtt ból brotna á Hóli; víkingar ôttu; þeir bôðut sér síðan slíks skotnaðar.

The ten was complete with a driving storm of the battle-wall [SHIELD > BATTLE] in beautiful Hringsfjǫrðr; the troop went there, as the ruler commanded. He had a high building on Hóll destroyed; the vikings owned it; they did not ask for such luck for themselves after that.


[5] Hóli: so papp18ˣ, R686ˣ, J2ˣ, 325VI, 73aˣ, 78aˣ, 68, 61, 75c, Bb, ‘hǫli’ , ‘høli’ Holm2, hæli 325V, hlóði 325VII, Flat, hljóði Tóm


[4, 5] Hringsfirði; Hóli ‘Hringsfjǫrðr; Hóll’: The context in Hkr suggests that this was in what is now France, and most commentators, following Johnsen (1916, 15-16), have linked this episode with an attack on Dol in Brittany by a certain Olaf, king of the Norwegians, referred to in William of Jumièges’ Gesta Normannorum Ducum (Houts 1992-5, II, 24-7), and have assumed that Hóll is simply an erroneous form of that name. If so, then Hringsfjǫrðr is most likely the estuary of the river Rance, west of Dol, which penetrates deep inland in a fjord-like way. The Fsk compiler does not mention Hringsfjǫrðr, nor cite the stanza, but seems to have known it. Instead of á Hóli, Fsk has á Hœli, and it identifies the vikings (l. 6) there as Danes, as in st. 6 (see Context). An alternative suggestion (Morales Romero 2006, 202-4) is that this location is in Spain, which may have some merit in that the following stanzas are most likely about Spain.



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