Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Vestv 8I/1 — ýtir ‘Impeller’

Eið láta þú, ýtir,
einn þótt værak seinni,
jarðar, allan verðask,
auðar mildr, an vildak.
Esa fyr mál, þats mála
mann þú lætr hér vanðan;
lǫng þǫrf mun gram gengis
— gestr Knúts vas ek — flestum.

Ýtir jarðar, mildr auðar, láta þú verðask allan eið, þótt værak einn seinni, an vildak. Esa fyr mál, þats þú lætr mann mála vanðan hér; flestum gram mun lǫng þǫrf gengis; ek vas gestr Knúts.

Impeller of land [RULER], generous with wealth, do not let the whole oath be forgotten, though I alone was later than I wished. It is not because of an agreement that you allow a hired soldier to become accustomed here; most kings will have a long-lasting need for a following; I was Knútr’s hired man.




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