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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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BjHall Kálffl 8I/7 — hléði ‘protected’

Frôgum, Finns hvé mági
fylgðuð, Kalfr, of dylgjur,
ok lézt á sæ snekkjur
snarla lagt at jarli.
Áræði vannt eyða
óðfúss sonar Brúsa
hléði hugr — en téðuð
heiptminnigr Þórfinni.

Frôgum, Kalfr, hvé fylgðuð mági Finns of dylgjur, ok lézt snarla lagt snekkjur at jarli á sæ. Vannt eyða áræði óðfúss sonar Brúsa, en téðuð heiptminnigr Þórfinni; hugr hléði.

We [I] have heard, Kálfr, how you followed the son-in-law of Finnr [= Þorfinnr Sigurðarson] into battle, and quickly had warships steered against the jarl [Rǫgnvaldr Brúsason] at sea. You succeeded in destroying the attack of the ragingly eager son of Brúsi [= Rǫgnvaldr] and, intent on hostility, you supported Þorfinnr; your courage protected [you].


[7] hléði: hlœði 61, Tóm, Flat(133ra), Flat(135rb), ‘hlędut’ Bb


[7] hléði ‘protected’: 3rd pers. sg. pret. indic. of hlýja ‘to cover, protect, warm’. ‘Protect’ seems the most suitable translation here, though ÍF 27 and ÍF 34 prefer the sense ‘to warm’, referring to Kálfr’s mind or courage growing hot.



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