Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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BjHall Kálffl 7I/1 — hlýri ‘brother’

Þér frák, Þorbergs hlýri,
— þess gerðusk ér verðir —
— helt, unz hann of spillti —
Haralds bróðurson góðan.
Vǫkðu ǫfundmenn ykkar
iðula róg á miðli
(óþǫrf lízk mér) arfa
Ôleifs (í þeim môlum).

Frák bróðurson Haralds góðan þér, hlýri Þorbergs; ér gerðusk þess verðir; helt, unz hann of spillti. Ǫfundmenn vǫkðu iðula róg á miðli ykkar arfa Ôleifs; lízk mér óþǫrf í þeim môlum.

I have heard that the son of Haraldr’s brother [= Magnús] was good to you, brother of Þorbergr [= Kálfr]; you made yourself worthy of that; that lasted until he damaged [it]. Envious men constantly stirred up strife between you and Óláfr’s heir [= Magnús]; that seems to me an unnecessary thing in those matters.


[1] hlýri Þorbergs ‘brother of Þorbergr [= Kálfr]’: Þorbergr is named as one of seven sons of Árni Armóðsson in Hkr (ÍF 27, 181), and is said to have fought on King Óláfr’s side at the battle of Stiklastaðir (Stiklestad, 1030).




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