Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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BjHall Kálffl 4I/3 — jarls ‘of a jarl’

Áttu Engla dróttni,
ógnrakkr, gjafar þakka,
jarls niðr; komtu yðru
ótála vel máli.
Þér lét fold, áðr fœrir
— frest urðu þess — vestan,
— líf þitt esa lítit —
Lundúna gramr fundna.

Áttu þakka dróttni Engla gjafar, ógnrakkr niðr jarls; komtu ótála máli yðru vel. Gramr Lundúna lét fold fundna þér, áðr fœrir vestan; frest urðu þess; líf þitt esa lítit.

You have the lord of the English [= Knútr] to thank for gifts, battle-bold descendant of a jarl [= Kálfr]; you undoubtedly advanced your case well. The lord of London [= Knútr] said that land was found for you before you travelled from the west; there was delay in this; your life is not insignificant.


[3] jarls: ‘i’ 325VII, ok Bb


[3] niðr jarls ‘descendant of a jarl [= Kálfr]’: In a genealogy of Kálfr’s family, the Arnmœðlingar, attached to Fsk (ÍF 29, 371), his grandfather is referred to as ‘Arnmóðr jarl’. Kálfr himself is referred to in Hkr as a lendr maðr ‘landed man, district chieftain’ and a hǫfðingi ‘chieftain’.




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