Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Erlfl 3I/4 — þrǫm ‘the coast’

Ǫll vas Erlings fallin
— ungr fyr norðan Tungur
skeið vann skjǫldungr auða —
skipsókn við þrǫm Bóknar.
Einn stóð sonr á sínu
snarr Skjalgs vinum fjarri
í lyptingu lengi
lætrauðr skipi auðu.

Ǫll skipsókn Erlings vas fallin við þrǫm Bóknar; ungr skjǫldungr vann skeið auða fyr norðan Tungur. Snarr, lætrauðr sonr Skjalgs stóð lengi einn, fjarri vinum, í lyptingu á auðu skipi sínu.

All of Erlingr’s ship-crew had fallen by the coast of Bokn; the young ruler [Óláfr] cleared [lit. made empty] the warship to the north of Tunge. The bold, deceit-shunning son of Skjálgr [= Erlingr] stood long alone, far from friends, in the after-deck of his empty ship.


[4] þrǫm: þrym 325VII


[2, 4] fyr norðan Tungur; við þrǫm Bóknar ‘to the north of Tunge; by the coast of Bokn’: On Tunge, see Note to st. 2/4. Today, Bokn is the name of two islands on the north side of Boknafjorden; the larger of these, Vestre Bokn, lies north of Tunge.



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