Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Tryggfl 1I/7 — harða ‘in great numbers’

Tíreggjaðr fór Tryggvi
— tóksk morð af því — norðan,
en Sveinn konungr sinni
sunnan ferð at gunni.
Nær vask þausnum þeira;
þat bar skjótt at móti;
herr týnði þar harða
— hjǫrgǫll vas þá — fjǫrvi.

Tíreggjaðr Tryggvi fór norðan, en Sveinn konungr ferð sinni sunnan at gunni; morð tóksk af því. Vask nær þausnum þeira; þat bar skjótt at móti; herr týnði þar harða fjǫrvi; hjǫrgǫll vas þá.

Urged on to glory, Tryggvi went from the north, while King Sveinn [went] with his troop from the south to the battle; killing arose from that. I was near their tumult; that swiftly resulted in an encounter; the army lost life there in great numbers; there was sword-clanging then.


[7] harða: hǫrða E, J2ˣ, hára 61(129rb)


[7] harða ‘in great numbers’: The adv. is here taken in the sense ‘powerfully, to a great extent’, qualifying the whole statement about loss of life (so also Skald; NN §§620, 646; ÍF 27; Jón Skaptason 1983). It could alternatively be taken with skjótt ‘swiftly’ in l. 6 (so Skj B), again resulting in more complex word order.



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