Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Erl 1I/1 — vissak ‘I knew of’

Einn vissak þér annan
Jalks bríktǫpuð glíkan;
vítt réð gumna gætir
— Guðbrandr hét sá — lǫndum.
Ykkr kveðk jafna þykkja,
ormláðs hati, báða;
lýgr hinn at sér lægir
linnsetrs, es telsk betri.

Vissak einn annan Jalks bríktǫpuð glíkan þér; sá hét Guðbrandr; gætir gumna réð vítt lǫndum. Kveðk ykkr báða þykkja jafna, hati ormláðs; hinn lægir linnsetrs, es telsk betri, lýgr at sér.

I knew of [only] one other destroyer of the plank of Jálkr <= Óðinn> [(lit. ‘plank-destroyer of Jálkr’) SHIELD > WARRIOR] like you; he was called Guðbrandr; the protector of men [RULER = Guðbrandr] ruled lands widely. I declare you are both thought equal, hater of the snake-land [GOLD > GENEROUS MAN = Erlingr]; the diminisher of the serpent-abode [GOLD > GENEROUS MAN] who considers himself better is lying to himself.



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