Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Ást 3I/1 — Mildr ‘Generous’

Mildr á mennsku at gjalda
Magnús, en því fǫgnum,
— þat gerði vin virða
víðlendan — Ástríði.
Hón hefr svá komit sínum,
(sǫnn) at fô mun ǫnnur,
(orð gerik drós til dýrðar)
djúprôð kona stjúpi.

Mildr Magnús á Ástríði at gjalda mennsku, en fǫgnum því; þat gerði vin virða víðlendan. Hón, djúprôð kona, hefr komit stjúpi sínum svá, at fô ǫnnur mun; gerik sǫnn orð drós til dýrðar.

Generous Magnús has Ástríðr to repay for her bold deed, and we are glad for that; it gave the friend of men [RULER = Magnús] a broad realm. She, a deeply decisive woman, has helped her stepson in such a way as few others would; I make true words to the lady’s glory.



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