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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gyðja Lv 5VIII (Ǫrv 66)/3 — feiknafullan ‘one full of portents’

Hvat efldi þik         austan hingat
feiknafullan         ok fláráðan?
Muntu hvarvetna         herja vilja,
er þú Álfi máttir         aldrspell gera.

Hvat efldi þik austan hingat, feiknafullan ok fláráðan? Muntu vilja herja hvarvetna, er þú máttir gera Álfi aldrspell.

What aided you [coming] here from the east, one full of portents and deceits? You must want to harry everywhere, since you were able to cause life-damage to Álfr.


[3, 4] feiknafullan ok fláráðan: ‘fręknan fella flaraðan’ 7, fullan ok fláráðan ok frækinn harðla 343a, ‘fullan illsku frænda […]’ 471, fúlan ok fláráðan af flestu illu 173ˣ


[3-4] feiknafullan ok fláráðan ‘one full of portents and deceits’: Ms. 344a’s reading is the only one that makes sense and is metrical. The readings of all the other mss are corrupt. Both feiknafullr ‘full of portents’ and fláráðr ‘deceitful’ are adjectives, qualifying an unstated noun referent, viz. Oddr.



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