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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þul Spjóts 1III/8 — peita ‘[spear] from Poitou’

Darr, spjót ok nǫt,         dǫf, lenz ok vigr,
snata, fleinn ok sváf,         sviða, hræmæki,
geirr, spjǫr, nata,         gefja, kesja,
gaflak, frakka,         Gungnir, peita.

Darr, spjót ok nǫt, dǫf, lenz ok vigr, snata, fleinn ok sváf, sviða, hræmæki, geirr, spjǫr, nata, gefja, kesja, gaflak, frakka, Gungnir, peita.

Dart, spear and sting, dǫf, lance and rod, spike, barb and one causing sleep, burn, corpse-sword, pike, javelin, stinging one, lance, halberd, javelin, Frankish [spear], Gungnir, [spear] from Poitou.


[8] peita (f.) ‘[spear] from Poitou’: Cf. Peita ‘Poitou’, Peituborg ‘Poitiers’ (see Falk 1914b, 75 and Note to RvHbreiðm Hl 18/6). The word denotes a missile weapon (cf. hagli peitu ‘by the hail of the spear [BATTLE]’, Eþver Lv 1/8I).



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