Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ólhelg Lv 7I/8 — gefisk

Lítt mun halr inn hvíti
— hrafn etr af ná getnum —
— vér unnum gný Gunnar —
glaðr í nótt á Jaðri.
Svá hefr ǫllungis illa
— ek gekk reiðr of skeiðar —
— jǫrð veldr manna morði —
mitt rán getit hônum.

Lítt mun inn hvíti halr glaðr í nótt á Jaðri; hrafn etr af getnum ná; vér unnum gný Gunnar. Svá hefr rán mitt getit hônum ǫllungis illa; ek gekk reiðr of skeiðar; jǫrð veldr morði manna.

Little will the pale warrior be glad tonight in Jæren; the raven eats from the corpse it has got; we made the clamour of Gunnr <valkyrie> [BATTLE]. Thus robbing me has brought him an entirely bad outcome; I walked enraged across the warships; land causes the death of men.



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