Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Hókr Eirfl 7I/1 — vági

Drógusk vítt at vígi
Vinða skeiðr, ok ginðu
Þriðja hauðrs á þjóðir
þunn gǫlkn éarnmunnum.
Gnýr varð á sæ sverða;
sleit ǫrn Gera beitu;
dýrr vá drengja stjóri;
drótt kom mǫrg á flótta.

Skeiðr Vinða drógusk vítt at vígi, ok þunn gǫlkn hauðrs Þriðja ginðu éarnmunnum á þjóðir. Gnýr sverða varð á sæ; ǫrn sleit beitu Gera; dýrr stjóri drengja vá; mǫrg drótt kom á flótta.

The warships of Wends came from afar to the fight, and slender monsters of the land of Þriði <= Óðinn> [SHIELD > AXES] yawned with iron-mouths at people. There was a din of swords [BATTLE] at sea; an eagle tore the food of Geri <wolf> [CORPSES]; the worthy leader of warriors [RULER = Eiríkr] fought; many a company took to flight.



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