Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Hfr ErfÓl 22I/8 — orðum

Enn segir auðar kenni
austr ór malma gnaustan
seggr frá sôrum tyggja
sumr eða braut of kumnum.
Nús sannfregit sunnan
siklings ór styr miklum
(kannka mart við manna)
morð (veifanarorði).

Enn segir sumr seggr kenni auðar frá tyggja sôrum eða braut of kumnum austr ór gnaustan malma. Nús morð siklings sannfregit sunnan ór miklum styr; kannka mart við veifanarorði manna.

Still some warrior tells the master of riches [MAN] that the ruler was wounded or escaped eastwards from the clashing of metal weapons [BATTLE]. Now the slaying of the king is truly heard of out of the south from the great battle; I do not care much for vacillating words of men.



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