Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Tindr Hákdr 4I/1 — vág

Vann á Vinða sinni
verðbjóðr Hugins ferðar
(beit sólgagarr seilar)
sverðs eggja spor (leggi),
áðr hjǫrmeiðar hrjóða
(hætting vas þat) mætti
(leiðar) langra skeiða
(liðs) halfan tøg þriðja.

Ferðar Hugins verðbjóðr vann spor eggja sverðs á sinni Vinða — seilar sólgagarr beit leggi —, áðr hjǫrmeiðar mætti hrjóða halfan þriðja tøg langra skeiða; þat vas hætting liðs leiðar.

The offerer of the meal of the flock of Huginn <raven> [(lit. ‘meal-offerer of the flock of Huginn’) RAVENS > CORPSES > WARRIOR = Hákon] made trails of the edges of the sword [WOUNDS] on the company of the Wends — the dog of the sun of the strap [(lit. ‘sun-dog of the strap’) SHIELD > SWORD] bit limbs — before sword-trees [WARRIORS] could clear twenty-five long warships; that was a menace for the army of the fleet.



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