Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þhorn Harkv 3I/8 — vissu

‘Hvat es yðr, hrafnar?         Hvaðan eruð ér komnir
með dreyrgu nefi         at degi ǫndverðum?
Hold loðir yðr í klóum;         hræs þefr gengr ór munni;
nær hygg ek yðr í nótt bjoggu,         því es vissuð nái liggja.’

‘Hvat es yðr, hrafnar? Hvaðan eruð ér komnir með dreyrgu nefi at ǫndverðum degi? Hold loðir í klóum yðr; þefr hræs gengr ór munni; hygg ek yðr bjoggu nær í nótt, því es vissuð nái liggja.’

‘What is the matter with you, ravens? From where have you come with gory beaks at break of day? Flesh hangs from your claws; the stench of carrion comes from your mouths; I think you lodged last night near where you knew corpses were lying.’



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