Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gsind Hákdr 1I/6 — skjótt

Bifrauknum trað bekkjar
blárǫst konungr ôrum;
mætr hlóð mildingr Jótum
Mistar vífs í drífu.
Svangœðir rak síðan
sótt Jalfaðar flótta
— hrót Giljaðar hylja —
hrafnvíns at mun sínum.

Konungr trað blárǫst bifrauknum bekkjar ôrum; mætr mildingr hlóð Jótum í drífu vífs Mistar. Hrafnvíns svangœðir rak síðan flótta sótt Jalfaðar at mun sínum; hrót Giljaðar hylja.

The king trod the blue trail [sea] in shuddering draught animals of the rowing-bench [SHIPS] with oars; the excellent generous one heaped up the Jótar in the snow-storm of the woman of Mist <valkyrie> [VALKYRIE > BATTLE]. The benefactor of the swan of raven-wine [(lit. ‘swan-benefactor of raven-wine’) BLOOD > RAVEN/EAGLE > WARRIOR] then pursued those who fled with the illness of Jǫlfuðr <= Óðinn> [SPEAR] at his pleasure; the roofs of Giljaðr <= Óðinn> [SHIELDS] conceal [them].


case: nom.
gender: n.
number: sg.
strong; positive;


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