Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ǫlv Lv 1I/7 — fýris ‘of the pine-fire’

Lǫgðis hefr of lagða
lauk-Frigg dáin augna
skjalvald á þar skalda
skíðgarðr — saman hvarma.
Ok bandvaniðr blundar
bekkjar hjǫrtr í rekkju
— því hefk fúr-Gnáar fýris
fjón — golfdáinn sjónum.

Dáin lauk-Frigg lǫgðis hefr of lagða saman hvarma augna; skíðgarðr á þar skjalvald skalda. Ok bandvaniðr golfdáinn hjǫrtr bekkjar blundar sjónum í rekkju; því hefk fjón fýris fúr-Gnáar.

The torpid leek-Frigg <goddess> of the sword [WOMAN] has placed together the lids of [her] eyes; the paling fence there has gossip-authority over [lit. of] the poets. And the ribbon-accustomed floor-sluggish hart of the bench [WOMAN] shuts [her] eyes in bed; therefore I have the hatred of the Gná <goddess> of the pine-fire [(lit. ‘of the fire-Gná of pine’) WOMAN].



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