Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon (Styrb) 3I/5 — síðir ‘a time’

Lætr eigi mik lýtir
liðbands, sás frið grandar,
— reiðr emk stála stýri —
Styrbjǫrn vesa kyrran.
Þat mun sáð of síðir
sigrnennum her kenna
— roðin eru leyfðra lofða
lindi* — sôr at binda.

Styrbjǫrn, lýtir liðbands, sás grandar frið, lætr mik eigi vesa kyrran; emk reiðr stýri stála. Þat sáð mun of síðir kenna sigrnennum her at binda sôr; lindi* leyfðra lofða eru roðin.

Styrbjǫrn, the harmer of the limb-band [RING > GENEROUS MAN], who damages peace, will not let me remain quiet; I am angry with the wielder of steel weapons [WARRIOR]. That seed will after a time teach the victory-minded army to bind [their] wounds; the spears of the praised men are reddened.



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