Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon (Styrb) 2I/2 — skeiða ‘ships’

Eigi vildu Jótar
reiða gjald til skeiða,
áðr Styrbjarnar stœði
Strandar dýr á landi.
Nús Danmarkar dróttinn
í drengja lið genginn;
landa vanr ok lýða
lifir ánauðigr auðar.

Jótar vildu eigi reiða gjald til skeiða, áðr dýr Strandar Styrbjarnar stœði á landi. Nús dróttinn Danmarkar genginn í lið drengja; lifir ánauðigr auðar, vanr landa ok lýða.

The Jótar were not willing to pay tribute for ships before the beasts of Strǫnd <river> [SHIPS] of Styrbjǫrn stood by the coast. Now the lord of Denmark [DANISH KING = Haraldr] has joined the troop of warriors; he lives oppressed by fate, deprived of lands and people.



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