Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Svtjúg Lv 1I/4 — Jarls

Grenndi Þórleifr Þrœnda
þengils hróðr fyr drengjum;
hafa ólítit ýtar
Jarlsníð borit víða.
N*orðr réð verstan virðum
vellstœri brag fœra,
brot lands ok galt gæti
gráliga léons bôru.

Þórleifr grenndi hróðr þengils Þrœnda fyr drengjum; ýtar hafa borit víða ólítit Jarlsníð. Réð fœra n*orðr virðum vellstœri verstan brag ok galt gæti lands gráliga brot léons bôru.

Þorleifr diminished the praise of the ruler of the Þrœndir [NORWEGIAN RULER = Hákon] before the warriors; men have carried widely the not small Jarlsníð (‘Níð against the jarl’). He brought north to the honoured gold-increaser [GENEROUS MAN = Hákon] the worst poem and repaid the guardian of the land [RULER = Hákon] bitterly for the destruction of the lion of the wave [SHIP].


[4] Jarlsníð ‘Jarlsníð (“Níð against the jarl”)’: This appears to be the title of Þorleifr’s poem, but could instead be a descriptive phrase (see Þjsk Jarl). Níð is abuse or insult, usually of an obscene kind. 



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