Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ótt Lv 2I/8 — lof ‘praise’

Svá skal kveðja         konung Dana,
Íra ok Engla         ok Eybúa,
at hans fari         með himinkrǫptum
lǫndum ǫllum         lof víðara.

Skal svá kveðja konung Dana, Íra ok Engla ok Eybúa, at lof hans fari með himinkrǫptum víðara ǫllum lǫndum.

[I] shall so greet the king of the Danes, of the Irish and of the English and of the Island-dwellers [= Knútr], that his praise may travel with heavenly support more widely through all the lands.


[8] lof ‘praise’: A double meaning may be intended here, as the word can mean ‘poem’ as well as ‘praise’.



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