Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ótt Knútdr 5I/1 — Gunni ‘battle’

Gunni lézt í grœnni,
gramr, Lindisey framða;
belldu viðr, þvís vildu,
víkingar þar ríki.
Bíða lézt í breiðri
borg Hemminga sorgir
œst fyr Úsu vestan
engst folk, Svía þrøngvir.

Gramr, lézt gunni framða í grœnni Lindisey; þar belldu víkingar ríki viðr, þvís vildu. Þrøngvir Svía, lézt œst engst folk bíða sorgir í breiðri borg Hemminga fyr vestan Úsu.

King, you caused battle to be fought in green Lindsey; there the vikings used in opposition the strength they wished. Oppressor of the Swedes [= Knútr], you angrily caused the English people to experience sorrows in broad Hemingbrough, to the west of the Ouse.



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