Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ótt Knútdr 2I/4 — Skônunga ‘of the Skánungar’

Út fylgðu þér Jótar,
auðmildr, flugar trauðir;
skauthreina bjó skreytir
Skônunga liðvánir.
Vôð blés of þér, vísi;
vestr settir þú flesta
— kunnt gørðir þú þannig
þitt nafn — í haf stafna.

Jótar, trauðir flugar, fylgðu þér út, auðmildr; skreytir skauthreina bjó liðvánir Skônunga. Vôð blés of þér, vísi; þú settir flesta stafna vestr í haf; þú gørðir nafn þitt kunnt þannig.

The Jótar, reluctant to flee, accompanied you abroad, wealth-generous one; the adorner of sail-reindeer [SHIPS > SEAFARER] prepared the expected troops of the Skánungar. The cloth billowed over you, prince; you directed a great many prows westwards across the sea; you made your name known in that way.


[4] Skônunga ‘of the Skánungar’: The people of Skáney (Skåne), now south-west Sweden but then Danish territory, which Knútr may have been defending in the battle of Á in helga (Helgeå): see Note to st. 11/3.



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