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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Mhkv 19III/2 — skrautligt ‘‘glorious’’

Lýtin þykkja skammæ skarar;
skrautligt kǫllum nafnit farar;
trautt kallak þann valda, er varar;
verða menn, þeir er uppi fjarar.
Ógipt verðr í umbúð skjót;
élin þykkja mǫrgum ljót;
engi of sér við ǫllum rokum;
jafnan spyrja menn at lokum.

Lýtin skarar þykkja skammæ; kǫllum nafnit farar skrautligt; trautt kallak þann, er varar, valda; menn verða, þeir er uppi fjarar. Ógipt verðr skjót í umbúð; élin þykkja mǫrgum ljót; engi of sér við ǫllum rokum; menn spyrja jafnan at lokum.

A haircut’s flaws seem of short duration; we call the name of an expedition ‘glorious’; I scarcely declare the one who warns to be the cause; men there are who end up high and dry. Misfortune is quick in preparation; snowstorms seem ugly to many; no one avoids all sudden gusts; people always ask about a conclusion.


[2] skrautligt ‘“glorious”’: For skraut ‘splendour, magnificence’ associated with a naval expedition, see SnSt Ht 70/7 skrautfǫr ‘splendour-expedition’ and Anon Pl 38/7VII skrautvalr ‘adornment-horse [SHIP]’.



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