Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Jór Send 2I/3 — leitr ‘faced’

Harald frák, Halfdan, spyrja
herðibrǫgð, en lǫgðis
sýnisk svartleitr reyni
sjá bragr, inn hárfagra.

Halfdan, frák Harald inn hárfagra spyrja herðibrǫgð, en sjá bragr sýnisk svartleitr reyni lǫgðis.

Hálfdan, I have learned that Haraldr inn hárfagri (‘Fair-hair’) heard about [your] tough deeds, and that poem seems dark-faced to the tester of the sword [WARRIOR].


[3] ‑leitr: ‑leikr J1ˣ, ‘‑lættr’ 73aˣ, ‑leiðr Bb(3rb)


[3] svartleitr ‘dark-faced’: The only other occurrence of this adj. is in Hjþ Lv 1/3VIII, where it is applied to a person, though compare svartflekkóttr ‘black-flecked’ applied to a poem in Anon Mhkv 22/8III. The reference is presumably to the content of the poetry (bragr), though LP: svartleitr suggests difficulty of understanding.



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